Authorization Service

When you request data from the Market Sizes service (or one of the shares services), you may notice that some category/geography combinations are not contained in the response. For example, suppose the Catalog Service provides you with the following:

Categories: Beer, Wine
Geographies: France, Germany

When requesting both categories and both geographies from Market Sizes service, we would expect data for all four combinations of these two categories and two geographies:

Beer in France
Beer in Germany
Wine in France
Wine in Germany

You may, however, receive data for only Beer in Germany and Wine in France, and no data for Beer in France and Wine in Germany. This is because your Passport subscription does not have access to the missing combinations.

In order to get access to the combinations your subscription does have access to, we provide the Authorization service.

Supported verbs GET
Required headers Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key, Accept, Authorization
Supported formats JSON, XML, CSV
Query string parameters
limit Required Used for paging. Specifies the page size of the response
offset Default 0 Used for paging. Specifies the number records to skip from the start of the dataset

A sample request might look like this:

mit=10000 HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer <tokenstring>
Accept: application/json; api-version=1.0
Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key: 173bad6f0b319h23add9ad162493915e

A successful response will have the following structure:

 "Offset": 0,
 "Limit": 0,
 "Total": 0,
 "Markets": [
 "CategoryId": 0,
 "GeographyId": 0,
 “IndustryCode”: “string”

The response structure is as follows:

Offset The offset you requested (page offset)
Limit The limit you requested (page size)
Total The total number of Market objects that your request yielded
Markets An array of Market objects returned for this page

The Market object represents a country/category combination and is defined as follows:

CategoryId The category ID
GeographyId The geography ID
IndustryCode The industry code associated with this record

The combinations returned in the Markets array are the combinations that your Passport subscription has access to. These are also the combinations for which you can expect data from the Market Sizes service, Company Shares service and Brand Shares service. The ID’s returned by this service can be used to cross-reference the markets with the data returned by the Catalog service.